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Meet like-minded people who want nothing but the best for their furry friends. Pet2Net allows you not only to connect with other dog lovers, but also to find the best service providers in your local community and beyond.

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Everybody here is a potential customer! Register and take advantage of the opportunity to market your business directly to dog owners from all over the world. Dive into a pool of new clients.

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The essence of Pet2Net community is to provide undivided attention and support to dedicated breeders. Our mission is to find the best home for every dog out there, our dedication to work with kennels and connecting them with prospective buyers remains a top priority.

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- Dog Owner -

Being a part of Pet2Net community will help you to make your dog happier. You will solve your daily dog needs by getting in touch only with the highest rated dog-related services.

Bring your pet to net

Create a unique, eye-catching profile for you and your dogs.

Connect with like minded people

Follow & learn from each other. Find & share trustworthy information.

Make your dog happy

Fulfill all your dog’s needs by making sure they get only the best services.

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Add your dogs


Connect with friends

- Service Provider -

Open your business profile, network with your existing clients and attract prospective customers.

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Create an eye-catching business profile, promote your services.

Network with Your Clients

Connect and keep in touch with your clients to become the most trusted service provider.

Grow Your Business

Learn from your clients, discover and satisfy their needs better.

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- Kennel Owner -

Open your kennel profile, post photos, share the relevant information and sell your purebred dogs off to people that actually care.

Create Your Kennel Profile

Showcase your kennel and your dogs.

Showcase Your Purebred Dogs

Upload awards, photos, history and relevant info of your dogs.

Sell Your Dogs

Choose the perfect future owner for your purebred dog.

Family Matters

Build family tree of your dogs and get connected to their relatives.

Thrive Your Business

Easily find matching mateing champion. Plan and announce a new litter.

Keep the Dogs in Your Network

Don’t lose track of your dogs by keeping up with their new owner.

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Open your kennel profile & add your purebred dogs


Find mating partners, announce litters, sell puppies

"When the man woke up he said, 'What is Wild Dog doing here?'
And the Woman said: 'His name is not Wild Dog any more, but the First Friend, because he will be our friend for always and always and always.'"

- Rudyard kipling

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“Thanks to Pet2Net now I know exactly who I am selling my dogs to and what happens to them.”

“Probably the best way to promote my services to people.”

"Pet2Net has to be the cheapest and most effective marketing I've done in years!"

"Hope this community will grow bigger and bigger, so we can have trustful source of valid informations."

"Like the whole idea - everything what I want for my Sarah at one place."

"Pet2Net makes life easier. I can get everything that my dog needs in one place, and the best part is that it is all verified by real people."

"Never again will I sell my dogs to people that won’t treat them right."

"We all try to advertise to our target audience. Pet2Net makes this easier than ever."